Harrison Man Tells Deputies He Wanted to Have His Father Killed

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – It’s a story with all the elements of a crime novel—a son who admits to trying to have his father killed, and three alleged accomplices who didn’t like the idea.
One of them ends up with a gunshot wound.
An investigation is underway.

Hamilton county investigators say they don’t want to talk about the case that came to light when they arrived at this house in Harrison on Monday.
Spokesman Matt Lea says there may be more charges filed, and there are too many unanswered questions.
Here’s what we do know–as detailed in the arrest affidavit for 20-year old Thomas Bedford Claxton.
He lives at 6612 Waconda Point Road.
Claxton was arrested after sheriff’s deputies were called to the home on Monday on an accidental shooting call.
Claxton’s friend Justin Allen was wounded.
But it was then that deputies questioned Claxton, who agreed to talk with them.
According to the affidavit, Claxton said he solicited Allen, Raymond Lyle the third and Nathaniel Bailey to murder his father.
Those men have not been charged.
That alleged plot never took place, but Claxton was charged with theft of property over 10-thousand dollars from his father’s safe.
That, in addition to his solicitation to murder charge.
Claxton was held in county jail, at last report, on an 80-thousand dollar bond.

Claxton told officers he was angry at his father because he threatened to toss him out of the home if he didn’t get a job or enroll in college by January.
He’s scheduled to appear in court on November 25th.

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