Haynes facing multiple felony charges

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A validated gang member with a lengthy criminal record is now facing multiple felony charges including attempted first degree murder.

The charges stem from an October 13th incident in which the victim was shot in the face.

And now that he’s in custody, Police are focusing their attention on another man who also took part in shooting.

Chattanooga police have arrested 24-year old Prandell Haynes as one of two suspects who fired multiple rounds into a vehicle occupied by Thomas Williams Jr., his girlfriend and the couples’ daughter. It happened outside Sandy’s Mini Market on Glass Street back on October 13th.

Sgt. Michael Wenger with CPD says, “It was difficult. Our fugitive division had been looking for him for quiet some time. Obviously it took close to a month to locate him.”

Now that Haynes is in custody, police are trying to locate his alleged accomplice who has been identified as Marquel Morris. In fact, they’re asking Morris to do the right thing and surrender.

“It would make it easier on everybody if he would turn himself in. He does have warrants. He will be found. There’s no question about that. So it’s safer for him, the officers and the public to turn himself in,” continues Sgt. Wenger.

It was on a Thursday afternoon behind this store where police say both suspects fired more than a dozen rounds at the car. Williams’s girlfriend told police, she knew both men and that Haynes was angry at her for having him prosecuted after he reportedly stole her gun. Question now is whether the shooting was an act of revenge.

“I’m not 100-percent certain of the motivation, but it’s clear that it appears from the investigation that she was targeted based on potentially something from the past,” says Sgt. Wenger.

If the men were targeting the woman, they missed and hit her boyfriend instead. He was shot in the face. Chattanooga police say both suspects put many lives in danger.

Sgt. Wenger adds, “Anytime you’re reckless enough to fire 20 rounds or more or any rounds in the direction of someone who is trying to flee; hadn’t assaulted them in anyway; did not present a threat to them; They both put a child and two other citizens in danger as well as all the citizens in that area.”

Haynes remains in jail on $250,000 bond.

As for the shooting victim, we’re told he doing much better but will need more surgeries.

Employees at that mini mart say he was a regular customer who never caused any trouble.

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