HCS Parents Urging More Safety Measures After Covid Exposures

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WDEF): “So as both a mother and a pastor, I am calling on our county officials to lead with courage and to demonstrate care for our children,” says parent and Rev. Laura Becker.

After two full days of school, Hamilton County Schools reports 171 active COVID-19 cases among students according to the HCS COVID-19 Dashboard.

In addition to those students being quarantined, 632 students who were in close contact with the infected also must quarantine.

“I’m already dreading the rolling announcements of exposures and required quarantine as some of our schools and families have already experienced by the second day of classes,” continues Rev. Becker.

Parents of Hamilton County students are calling on local leaders to require masks for all children with no opt out option.

Parents with kids under 12 have the most concern due to them not being eligible for the vaccine.

Justin Wilkins, parent of 3 HCS students says, “Does the fact that we’ve not even gone two days and they’re already multiple schools with exposure, children missing school, parents missing work, change the minds of our school board members or Mayor Coppinger into fully adopting the public health guidance with no exceptions.”

Wilkins says his 2nd grade daughter was excited to be back in school, only to be given an email over the weekend saying one of her classmates had tested positive for COVID-19.

Wilkins’s daughter now has to stay at home to quarantine just two days into the school year.

“My question for Hamilton County schools is were you ensuring my child’s safety and the safety of other children during those first couple of days in this close contact,” continues Wilkins.

Right now, Hamilton County schools is requiring masks for students and staff, but parents can opt of it by filling out a form.

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