Health and Business Leaders Address the Coronavirus

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- It’s the age of social distancing people around the nation are either preventing illness or avoiding getting others sick.

Health leaders recommend 2 methods for those at risk of contracting coronavirus: Isolation or Quarantine.

But what’s the difference?

“Isolation means that you are symptomatic and you are sick. Quarantine means you just may have been expose to someone who is sick” said Hamilton County Master of Health April Priest.

Dr. Paul Hendricks says your local health facility can perform D.N.A. swabs even if the testing is being done elsewhere, “Contact your physician, If you feel you need to be tested, they should be able to obtain the specimen -it’s a very simple procedure and then they send it to the appropriate lab for results.”

As you’re filling your home with groceries, don’t overreact or under react.

Instead find a happy medium.

“You don’t need to stock up for months and months at a time with non-perishable foods” said Priest. “Just think of some foods that you and your family do eat for about 14 days would be a great starting point to enhance the preparedness for your household.”

Food City is shortening their hours of operation to meet their supply demand while also keeping facilities clean.

“Number one is to clean properly sanitize our stores at the end of business, in addition we want to make sure we’re stocking” said C.E.O. Steve Smith.

Food City announced they plan to hire 2,500 associates the demand for products continue to rise.

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