Health care debate continues locally

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – It was lunch on their plates, and a discussion of health care at the Rotary Club of Chattanooga meeting Thursday.

“We’re hoping that people come out and that they’re engaged in conversation and that they have a little bit more knowledge and maybe they take a second look at their health care,” Rotary Club Program Chair for the meeting Robin Derryberry said.

In Washington D.C., Senators were getting pressure to flesh out a health care reform bill.

A revised bill was put out Thursday, and possible vote on the bill next week.

Back in Chattanooga, CHI Memorial Thoracic Surgery Chief Dr. Rob Headrick talked about the past, present, and future of health care to Rotarians.

“Most of what people are complaining about are the difficulty access to health care, their cost, the amount of out of pocket expenses.  Unfortunately that’s not what we’re really debating, but it’s what the public wants us to debate,” Dr. Headrick said.

The health care bill debate has many people wondering what will happen, including several people who showed up to a town hall last weekend.

Recently, the Tennessee Medical Association released a statement that said the Senate’s bill is “not consistent with the priorities” they recommended earlier this year.

“It’s more about how do we close that gap in making sure that everybody has insurance and what we probably should be talking about is the whole health care delivery system, but that’s just politically and economically unrealistic at this time.” Dr. Headrick said.

It’s the the future of health care and the reform bill at hand that’s food for thought for many people locally and nationwide.

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