Health Department Says They Are Stocked Up and Ready to Administer Booster With Full Approval

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Friday morning, the FDA approved the COVID vaccine booster for all adults. And a few hours later, an outside panel of the CDC voted unanimously to recommend allowing all adults receive the booster. With the holiday season just around the corner, local medical professionals encourage all eligible adults get the booster.

“We’ve seen some studies with waning immunity. So after the two dose series, its shown that after six months there’s not as many antibodies so the booster dose is important for an extra level of protection going into the holiday season,” says Jake Standefer, a pharmacist with Access Pharmacy in Hixson.

The final step will be for CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky to formally approve its use in all adults.

The Hamilton County Health Department says they are equipped with plenty of booster vaccines to manage the public’s need as soon as the okay is given. “We essentially will be able to hit the ground running when those come through,” says Sarbina Novak with the Hamilton County Health Department.

As with the COVID-19 vaccine, they will offer the booster at a drive thru in Riverpark.

“The role out for this is really not going to be any different from what we’ve been doing, at one point seven days a week, and then five days a week in our drive through,” says Novak.

The Pfizer booster is one dose of the regular vaccine and the Moderna is one half a dose. Officials say to wait a full six months after your original full vaccination. Symptoms are similar to the vaccine.

“It’s going to be pretty typical, just like the first couple doses,” says Standefer. “A sore arm is going to be common. Maybe a low grade fever. A little bit of fatigue. But other than that, it’s just mild side effects and some people don’t have any at all.”

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