Health Dept: Covid-19 drop in Hamilton County is both real and statistical

HAMILTON COUNTY (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Health Department says the statistical drop in people with Covid-19 is both real and actuarial.

They say the number of ACTIVE cases dropped by a lot on Thursday, for these three reasons.

  1. The Health Department is seeing a downward trend in new positive cases reported daily in Hamilton County.
  2. The Health Department changed the automatic roll-off of “active” status from 21 days to 14 days earlier this month to align with Tennessee Department of Health and CDC guidance.
  3. On September 24, 2020, the Health Department applied a “data clean-up” because some recovered/inactive cases had not rolled off automatically as they were supposed to. Cases were manually removed that were no longer active. Moving forward, this should not be a problem with cases not rolling off timely.

Active cases are the number of cases still in their infectious period.

Here is the overall trend now for NEW cases in Hamilton County.

Hospitalizations are also trending down this week.

But Covid-19 related deaths continue in the County.

The Health Department reported two more deaths on Friday, for a total of 94 here during the pandemic.

We now have seen more than double the deaths in our neighbor counties than in Hamilton:

61  Whitfield/Dalton GA

33  Walker/LaFayette GA

25  McMinn/Athens TN

18  Catoosa/Ringgold GA

18  Cherokee/Murphy NC

17  Bradley/Cleveland TN

12  Rhea/Dayton TN

10  Polk/Benton TN

8   Marion/Jasper TN

6   Murray/Chatsworth GA

5   Dade/Trenton GA

5   Grundy/Altamont TN

4   Bledsoe/Pikeville TN

3   Meigs/Decatur  TN

2   Sequatchie/Dunlap TN

227  TOTAL


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