Health Fair Saturday – 300 People Picked to Participate in My Best Me 2.0

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The My Best Me Health Fair kicks off this Saturday at
8 AM.

They’ll be offering a free health screening and a chance to be one of next year’s My Best Me participants.

According to a recent Wallethub survey, Chattanooga is the most overweight city in America.
Unfortunately, that isn’t just a cosmetic issue, but one that can lead to other serious, and often fatal conditions.

Erick Quinonez,  the Health Program Supervisor at the Hamilton County Health Department, says it begins with the basics.

“Exercise and nutrition that – it all starts with good habits. Good exercise, good physical activity, good nutrition, I mean, those are all – that’s really the best medicine in preventing chronic diseases,” said Erick Quinonez.

But many people confuse exercise with needing to join a gym. Quinonez says, that isn’t necessarily the case.

“People need to not be in the mindset of exercise equals gym. I like to use the term: ‘physical activity’, because exercise is not sustainable if you don’t like exercising. Physical activity on the other hand is – it’s a state of moving,” said Quinonez.

Whether you’re one of the 300 people chosen to participate in the MY BEST Me 2.0 program next year or not, you can learn more, become inspired and challenged by tuning in to the My Best Me updates all throughout the year, here on News 12 Now.

Maurice Silva is a trainer with over 3 decades of experience. He will be taking 300 people on a lifestyle makeover journey to health next year.

“Lower your body weight and you can fix a lot of the symptoms that we struggle with today, from depression to blood pressure, to diabetes. So my 30 plus years in the industry I’ve helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds and come off medications,” said Maurice Silva, My Best Me Trainer.

So, if you want to be a part of the program next year, tomorrow is the day to take that first step.

“We’re going to take you grocery shopping, we’re going to monitor your food, we’re going to be there to support you through the tough times, you’re going to love this. And I’ll encourage you. Show up on the 14th of December, we’d love to have you,” said Silva.

That Health Fair is tomorrow from 8 am to 1 pm at the Orchard Knob Missionary Baptist Church on E. 3rd Street.

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