Healthy Hunger Free Kids Program

Studies show that kids perform better at school when they’re not hungry.
A federal program is making sure some Hamilton County kids are getting the meals they need.
But district leaders need some help from parents.
In 2010 Congress, re-authorized school nutrition through the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.
But one of the changes is a community eligibility provision.
It allows the district or the school nutrition program, to look at the numbers.
In looking at that formula, every school then has an identified eligible student percentage.
The higher the percentage, the more likely the school was to be able to be put on the provision.
For school to have been considered, they had to offer both breakfast and lunch and a student had to have access to at least one of those meals.
This is strictly federal funds, but there are no local funds, no state funds, used for this.
With the change in that, the school district is asking parents to complete a household survey form that includes the number in the household, and an estimate of their income range.

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