Heavy Rain + Snow + Freezing Temperatures = Possible Potholes

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The weather has had a big effect on the entire Tennessee Valley.

Now, the roads may be affected as well.

Since January the first, we have had fourteen inches of rain here in Chattanooga.

Some places in the Tennessee Valley have experienced 17 inches.

City Councilman Anthony Byrd says, “These roads are in bad shape.”

It’s not just a Chattanooga city problem.

Jennifer Flynn with TDOT says, “Our Director of Operations made sure to tell everyone to be on pothole patrol. Just be out there and look for them.”

TDOT says that they are fully prepared to fill potholes.

Their main concern are the interstates and the most traveled highways.

Flynn also says, “I’m sure by next week, we’ll probably get out there and do a lot of pothole patching.”

So why do we always hear about – and feel – more potholes this time of year?

Chattanooga saw a record amount of rainfall in February 2019.

Byrd says, “When you have cold and hot and with the temperatures changing you see where the roads start to crack, or you see where the sidewalk starts to lift up. Then that becomes a hazard. After so long, it gets worse and worse and worse.”

The problem for the city is finding the money for repairs.

“Ya know, you look at a city that is growing like Chattanooga and you would obviously say ‘it’s enough money. We can make it happen.’ And unfortunately, it’s not true. If we take money from one area, then we have to cut things from another area. If we raise taxes, who wants that? We have to figure out a way to make it happen”, says Byrd.

It’s not just an expensive problem for the city… it can be for you if you hit a pothole and damage your vehicle.

Flynn says, “You can file a claim with the state of Tennessee if it occurred on a Tennessee roadway. They are looked at on a case by case basis and it goes through the treasury department.”

We reached out to Chattanooga Public works and have not heard back from them yet.

If you see a pothole, report a pothole.

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