Heavy Rains Last Friday Wrecked Game Plans For High School Football Games

Wednesday was another rainy day in Chattanooga, but at least there are no high school football games, unlike last Friday night, where teams played in an absolute quagmire. So how did the heavy rain affect the game plan? A trio of coaches give us the soggy report.

Said East Ridge head coach Time James:”The way it rained Friday night. It was kind of biblical in nature. We’re standing in about ankle deep water on the sideline.”
Said Heritage head coach E.K. Slaughter:”The footing was probably a bigger issue than just the water really. It was really difficult because I think we both exchanged turnovers in the same place on the field for about eight minutes. We played in the same ten yard spot and just destroyed that place.”
Said CCS head coach Mark Mariakis:”It does change the mind set of the offensive coordinators. You have to think twice about okay, do I want to pitch the ball. Do I really want to throw this. Is it really necessary?”
Reporter:”Special teams. Do you tell your kids to even field the punt?”
Said Slaughter:”No. We actually tell them not to field a punt, so that was part of the game plan. We were not going to field a punt.”
Said Mariakis:”I think that kind of weather benefits the underdog because it does kind of even out the playing field. Slows down speed.”
Said James:”We played Howard this past week, and that was kind of part of our decision in staying with a Friday night game. We hoped to slow them down a little bit.”
Reporter:”Any comical moment in the game?”
Said Slaughter:”We’ve got a pretty talented receiver. They had him doubled the whole first half, and then the second half they came off of him because it was hard to throw it vertically. Soon as they did that we took a shot, and Nick went to throw the ball and it just went behind him. (chuckles) You know our kid was open by a few yards, but it didn’t matter.”
Reporter:”What was laundry like after that game?”
Said James:”It was a challenge. We’re still cleaning our washers out.”
Said Slaughter:”We were going to wear our white pants, but that changed with forecast. We were navy-on-navy. The whole field house stunk like wet-nasty, but it’s starting to clear out a little bit.”

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