Here’s a Good Look Inside Casey’s Barge

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) -The eyesore on the north shore known in Chattanooga as "Casey’s Barge"— is tied up in litigation.
The vessel is docked across from Ross’s Landing, and as of Wednesday has no electricity, or power to the only bilge pump.
Now, News 12 gives you your first glimpse *inside* Casey’s Barge.

CAPT DAVID ECK, LIVES ABOARD THE BARGE "I GUESS I’m just a hard-working man …I’m kind of a nut."

Dave Eck used to be a riverboat captain in Indiana, but for the last few weeks he has lived aboard the old barge on the Tennessee River just north of the Olgiati Bridge. He phoned us to report that the electricity is off and the one water pump has stopped working.
He’s afraid it may fill-up with water and sink again like it did two years ago.

CAPT. DAVID ECK "..but the electricity is not on gentlemen…that’s all I have to pump two big barges out with."

Eck says he has an agreement with owner Alan Casey to stay there…although the two have never met.
Politicians and civic groups for years have demanded that Casey get rid of the barge, which has been there since 2009. Casey, who’s now in bankruptcy wanted to build a restaurant on the barge.

Now…for the first time…we’re going to give you a quick tour of what’s inside.

Eck says most of what you’re seeing here is the work of vandals who knocked out windows, pulled down walls, painted grafitti, and turned the old boat into an ecological disaster.
Eck is worried the barge or the pier will pull loose from the weak mooring and head downstream.

CAPT. DAVID ECK "This pier here was about ready to break loose and head on down the river and I physically pulled it around Thanksgiving weekend to keep it here."

Businessman Jackson Wingfield who owns nearby property, told us he fears it could do serious damage to the Olgiati bridge if that happened.

CAPT. DAVID ECK "I gotta tell you his barge ain’t gonna wait til springtime. Specially if you don’t get some bigger pumps. And especially if you don’t have the electricity turned on."

Power was restored to the barge late Thursday.

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