Here’s how to protect yourself from lightning strikes

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Saturday afternoon near the Blue Ridge Parkway, two people were struck by lightning.

And yet, as unbelievable as that sounds, it seems both are going to make a full recovery.

News 12’s Danielle Moss has the details on how you can stay safe this summer.

With the unstable weather occurring this summer, it is important to review lightning safety during National Lightning Safety Week.

When going outside, plan ahead so that you can get to a safe place quickly if a thunderstorm threatens.

If the sky looks threatening or if you hear thunder, get inside a safe place immediately.

AMY MAXWELL/HAMILTON COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-“During this time, we just want to reemphasize the importance of lightning and how serious it can be. During the summer months, everybody is outside doing all of these outdoor activities, swimming and golfing and baseball fields. And we just want people to remember, anytime you hear thunder, when it roars, go indoors and that can be an enclosed building or that can be your vehicle.”

So where should you go if you hear the rumble of thunder?

RICK GARUCKAS/NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE MORRISTOWN- “The next place is your vehicle. Where you don’t want to be is in a garage, or a tool shed or a baseball dugout. Those places, even though there’s a roof over your head. They’re still open on one side. So, you want to get to an enclosed building.”

With these simple reminders, the number of lightning injuries or casualties can be greatly reduced.

And always remember, if it roars, go indoors.

In Chattanooga, Danielle Moss News12 Now.

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