My Hero Wears a Badge: 2 year old meets Deputy who helped save his life

MIDDLEY VALLEY, Tenn (WDEF) – This past week, Kyler finally got to meet his hero and thank her for saving his life.

Last year, 2 year old Kyler Nerren almost lost his life when he accidentally overdosed.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” says Alicia Nerren, Kyler’s Mom.

Kyler’s mom, Alicia Nerren says Kyler somehow gained access to adult medicines, and swallowed  a large amount of medicines that were not intended for him. 

 “He was completely lifeless. I picked him up and he was lethargic. I went to put him in my car to go to the hospital but that’s when he stopped breathing. We called his dad and I called 911,” says Nerren.

Shortly after the family called 911 the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office showed up to help Kyler.

That’s when Deputy Karigan Fulghum immediately began performing CPR.

“She came running up on the porch and started CPR. She jumped right into action – no fear. She’s phenomenal,” says Nerren.

“She saved my life,” says Kyler Nerren. 

Because of Deputy Fulghum, Kyler has made a full recovery and will continue living his life the fullest. 

Now his family wants other parents to be more aware of where they place and store family medications. 

“We got lucky. A lot of parents won’t have the luck I had. Me and my husband want other parents to know to just lock everything up. Even though you think they can’t reach it, they can. They will climb and get to it as soon as you close your eyes,” says Nerren.

Ever since the life changing accident, Kyler’s parents now store all medications inside a medical lock box that’s padlock protected. 

“Not all heroes wear capes. Mine just wears a badge,” says Nerren.

Kyler’s parents started a hashtag called #KyKyStrong. They hope when people see this hashtag they will read about Kyler’s story and be more cautious with their medications. 

For more information on where you can get a medical lock box or safely disposed of unwanted medications click here

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