Herschel Walker vs Sen. Raphael Warnock debate tonight

SAVANNAH, Georgia (WDEF) – After months of accusations and counter-charges, Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock are finally meeting in a debate Friday night.

The only televised debate between the two candidates will originate in Savannah, Georgia, hosted by the Nexstar Media Group.

Polls show the Georgia Senate race is a toss up right now, and could have major implications nationally for a Republican takeover of the Senate.

Both candidates will most likely have to answer questions that they have been trying to avoid.

Walker, most recently, has been accused of paying for an abortion for a former girlfriend. He denies it.  It is the latest in a series of claims that he is either untruthful or misleading on personal issues (like his children out of wedlock and his business experience).

Senator Warnock has been saddled by Republicans with supporting the Biden and Democratic Party agendas on crime, the border and the economy.

The hour long debate begins at 7PM.

The moderators from Nexstar stations, WSAV-TV’s Tina Tyus-Shaw and WAGA-TV’s Buck Lanford, will pose questions to the candidates.

You can join the debate commentary on Twitter at #GASenDebate

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