HES: Think Twice Before Gifting Pets this Holiday Season

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF): If you’re considering gifting a pet this holiday season, you may want to think twice.

Before surprising a loved one with a pet, the Humane Educational Society says to make sure they are ready for the commitment.

H-E-S says to not spring a lifetime commitment on someone who is not prepared.

If the person has expressed interest in receiving a pet and capable, then it shouldn’t be an issue H-E-S says.

Alternatively, they encourage people to sponsor an adoption fee waiver so the person can adopt a pet themselves.

Exec. Director Rebecca Bryan with HES says, “You really want to make sure that you’re prepared to deal with that animal, and you can’t make that choice on someone else’s behalf. So, the recipient really needs to be aware and committed to that.”

The Humane Educational Society encourages residents to adopt, don’t shop this holiday season.

If you bring by a donation to their location, adoption fees are waived.

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