Hickory Valley Christian’s Meg Scott helps kids love the classics

Children often say the lessons they learn in school, especially the literature they read, is old and out of touch.

But at Hickory Valley Christian School one teacher is using the classics to teach life lessons.

Meg Scott is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

For the 2nd and 3rd graders in Meg Scott’s classroom classic literature is coming alive…

They’re discussing Charles Dickens’ novel "Great Expectation."

Scott says, "I feel like I’m just a child with them and we just get so excited when we finish Jane Eyre or when we finish Tom Sawyer, so it’s just been such a reward and such a blessing."

The Reading Teacher loves the classics.

She says the stories and their characters exhibit traits like integrity, perseverance & even redemption… Qualities she says are often missing in the modern world, "It’s just easy to teach life lessons through these characters."

But it’s not just the character lessons parents notice, they say Ms. Scott is teaching a love for the written word.

HVCS parent Donna Cansler reads from her Golden Apple letter, "She’s shown all three of my children the joy of reading."

Cansler says Scott’s class changes the way children feel about reading and knowledge.

She says Scott pushes her students to understand the difficult topics and the kids rise to the challenge, "You’ll hear them talking about which is their favorite book."

The teacher says watching her kids read and understand is incredible.

She laughs as she says, "There’s nothing like it and I even tear up."

She says helping them love to read is even better, "When they run home and talk about all that they’ve learned and are sitting around the lunch table reading their classics, or reading what ever stories it is just tickling to me and I don’t think there’s… Nothing could ever top it."

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