Highway 27 Project Coming to a Close

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- After 5 years and nearly 1 hundred and 50 million dollars spent, TDOT hopes this project will create a smoother travel for every entering and leaving the downtown area.

TDOT says you can expect a smoother commute heading into downtown Chattanooga now that the highway 27 project is “substantially” complete.

Entering and leaving downtown Chattanooga can be stressful for some drivers.

“It just seems like I’ve always lived in a construction zone” said UTC student William Baker.

After years and millions of dollars spent on the highway 27 project, TDOT says it’s “substantially” complete.

“Been a long time coming”  said regular commuter Jeannie Walker.

Jennifer Flynn from TDOT says the traffic between I-24 and the Olgiati bridge should be a lot smoother going forward.

“It straightened out the road way, added frontage roads, and different ways to access U.S. 27 from the downtown area” said Flynn.

“I gotta work very early in the morning so it’s nice to know you’re not going to all of a sudden come up on three lanes closed” said Walker.

In the Spring and Summer the state will enhance the area’s landscaping through a beautification project.

“What they will do is put a lot of plantings out there and trees along with other plants” said Flynn. “It will really beautify the area.”

Some everyday communters believe the money could be put to better use.

“My biggest problem that I see all over the city, inside the city limits and outside, is the amount of trash on the road” said Walker.

There’s no offical word yet how much the beautification project will cost.

TDOT says some finishing touches will be added to the highway 27 project during the spring and summer.

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