Hillary Clinton for New York mayor?

(CBS News) — The New York Post may have endorsed Donald Trump for president, but now it’s appealing to his campaign opponent Hillary Clinton to campaign for another office.

“New York City needs Hillary Clinton to run for mayor,” the Post editorial board declared Friday night.

Admitting that “[y]es, we were highly critical of Hillary Clinton in the runup to Election Day,” the Post loves the idea that with Clinton at Gracie Mansion, “Above all else, she’d actually focus on doing the job,” the editorial said. “Clinton is a famously diligent worker — one who shows up on time and puts in the hours.”

The Post is fed up with incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio, who “has handed the work of running the city off to one or two deputies, while he spends his time on politics and p.r. stunts.”

As a result, the city is suffering from “crises that go too long unacknowledged, from the Bronx outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease to the surge in street homelessness.”

There’s also an investigation into his fundraising activities. Still, de Blasio’s approval ratings have shown a little improvement over the past few months, and there are no other Democrats willing to run to unseat him.

The conservative media outlet Newsmax reported Wednesday that Clinton was being wooed by Democratic donors and quoted a former city Democratic elected official who said Clinton is “talking about it.” Clinton, however, has so far been silent on the question.

Few think she’ll actually take on the run, but it’s not just the Post ed board that’s fantasizing about a Clinton mayoral bid.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni imagines the power Mayor Clinton would have over the president when he’s ensconced in Trump Tower.

“The potholes near his properties go unfilled. Those neighborhoods are the last to be plowed. There’s a problem with the flow of water to his Bronx golf course, whose greens are suddenly brown,” he mused. “And the Russian Consulate keeps experiencing power failures.”

As the Post points out, it’s not exactly the glass ceiling that Clinton had hoped to break — but it’s also true that New York City has never had a woman mayor.

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