Hillcrest Elementary faculty brightens students’ days with parade

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The faculty and staff at Hillcrest Elementary came up with a creative way to check in on their students Wednesday morning.

“It’s not every day that you get to be in a parade,” fourth grader John Allen Walker said.

Wednesday morning, about 20 Hillcrest faculty members and their families drove the daily bus route honking their horns, blaring their music, and waving their signs to let their students know their teachers miss them.

“It just builds some morale,” Principal Vonetta Maston said. “We care about how they’re feeling, the emotions that they’re going through.”

“What school is is social, right? And we don’t have that right now. So I hope this will put a smile on everyone’s face in our community,” math coach Allison Corbett said.

Corbett saw the idea on Facebook. She said the Coronavirus quarantine has been difficult for kids.

“Oh, it’s hard. It’s really hard,” Corbett said. “You know, we are part of their world. They miss us, and we miss them, so we just want to reach out and show them that we love them.”

“Our parents are excited about it,” Maston said. “They think it’s a phenomenal idea because they were the ones reaching out to us letting us know that their kids miss us. It’s just a way for us to connect. Even though we can’t touch them, at least we can connect with them seeing their faces.”

Mission accomplished.

“I was happy to see my teacher,” fifth grader Jayda Strickland said. “It’s really been kind of boring because you can’t do anything, or do much, so it was fun for us to do.”

“We want to reassure our parents that we are there for them, and we are in this with them together. We are going to ride this ride with them along the way. They are not alone,” Maston said.

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