Historic night for Coty & Weston Wamp offers reminder of their father’s legacy of service

Zach Wamp served in the House of Representatives for Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District from 1995 to 2011

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Election night was historic here in Hamilton County.

The youngest county mayor in Tennessee.

The first female, and second-youngest District Attorney in Hamilton County.

And they happen to be brother and sister.

The Wamps had a banner night, calling themselves “The New Generation of Leadership.”

After winning their elections, Coty and Weston Wamp established themselves as the mantra they displayed publicly.

Coty referenced a banner displaying the mantra mentioned earlier. “This sign, for a good reason, says that this is a “New Generation of Leadership. You have a 33-year-old District Attorney General-elect, and I’m proud to be it. But even more proud to introduce you to your next County Mayor, Weston Wamp.”

With that, brother and sister, Weston and Coty Wamp are set to sit in two of the highest seats in Hamilton County.

They both share their last name, but the name Wamp leaves an imprint of the legacy their father, Zach, left from sitting in U.S. Congress for just short of two decades.

While each appreciates what Dad did, they also know he made sure they paved their own way toward having Friday’s historic Election Night.

Coty: “My dad never did any of that for me. He’s played a ‘Dad’ role as most dads do, but I’ve already separated myself, and I will never shy away from the fact that Zach Wamp is my dad. But I’ve also proven that I’m very much my own person.”

Weston: “My dad’s name … reminds people of a bygone era. You know, bipartisan cooperation of respect and decency. And we’ve lost a lot of that.”

The Wamps also say each is a little different from the other. They won’t always see eye-to-eye.

Coty: “So, I’ll support him. Maybe sometimes I won’t agree with him. I don’t know. We don’t always agree as brother and sister, even. But, whatever roles we do play together, I’m excited. I think it is going to be a good partnership at times.”

Weston: “I’m sure mine and Coty’s relationship will be scrutinized in the years to come and we welcome the scrutiny.”

Ultimately, it’s about what happens in the time one serves. Weston says his four years in office will be much different than what you’ve seen recently from others in the county mayoral office.

Weston: “I may be the youngest county mayor ever, but I’m going to be a lot lower drama than these guys are.”

Coty Wamp plans to make some changes to the D.A.’s office. One of which is to start a type of Special Victims Unit.

Weston focused on education and trade schools for much of the campaign, but his first order of business might just be getting out the budget for 2023.

Neither can do any of that until they officially take over on September 1st.

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