Hitting the Lake with champion Sale Creek Fishing Team

SALE CREEK, Tennessee (WDEF) – Two young fishermen from Sale Creek are “basking in the glory” of their accomplishment this past weekend.

They are now national champions!

That also means they both have big decisions to make.

News 12’s Dave Staley tells us about it, in tonight’s edition of “More To The Story With Staley!!”

It’s a beautiful afternoon on Lake Chickamauga. Let’s take a boat ride, shall we??

18 year old Banks Shaw is behind the wheel. He’s in the drivers seat, all-righty. Because Banks and his fishing partner, 18 year old Gage King, won the BASSMASTER High School National Championship this past weekend. On their home lake. With a margin of victory some six pounds. Decisive win for the Sale Creek fishing team.
It’s a combination of talent, commitment and passion.

“Banks has lived to fish since he was little. His mother says he had dreams about fishing. He would wake himself up setting the hook when he was little. If that isn’t living for it, I don’t know what is!”

Banks and Gage……Gage has joined us on the boat now……both say they had an open mind going into the three day tournament. Consider: both must have an open mind now as well!!

“The good news is that both Banks and Gage won a lot of college scholarship money by winning the tournament. Now comes the tough part. They must decide what to do with the money.”

Three colleges are offering scholarships, to include Bryan College in Dayton. The two will split scholarship money that totals right around 235-thousand dollars. A lot of money. But it’s use it….or lose it. Banks has time to decide. He’ll be a senior this year. Still, he has a good idea where he’s heading.

“I’ll probably end up going to Bryan. It’s close to home, right around the house. I know a lot of people on the fishing team. My buddies go there. And I like the coach a lot.”

Gage is in a different spot. He’s finished high school. Tennessee Tech was his first choice, but there’s no substantial scholarship money there. So it’s go with your heart, or go with the cash. Gage has just decided.

“I think my home is Tech. I went up there and really liked it. It’s a small school. It feels like high school. That’s what made my final decision.”

So it’s onward! One back to high school. One to Cookeville. Both will have new teammates. Both will continue the journey on the water!
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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