Hixson Bruising Back Myles Ratliff is Faster Than You Think

Hixson, TN (WDEF) – After missing out on the playoffs last season, Hixson returns to post-season action tonight thanks in part to a solid offensive line, and a bruising running back in Myles Ratliff.
Ratliff may not be a burner, but good luck tackling the big fella.

Myles Ratliff had to wait his turn before becoming Hixson’s featured back last year, and head coach Dan Duff knew he had a ‘Diamond in the Duff’.

Said Duff:”I tell people for the first ten yards he’s as quick as anybody you’ll be around. His feet are just so good. For a big ol’ kid, he’s got a really good skill set.”

Said wing back Latrell Sanderfer:”It’s impressive. You never think somebody that big would have that much speed and power. His acceleration is incredible.”

The 225 pound Ratliff ran for a thousand yards last year, and he topped the mark again this year.
Said Ratliff:”A lot of teams underestimate my speed. My best thing is my acceleration. When I first take off, I probably have one of the best accelerations around here.”

Said Duff:”He’s not one that’s going to break a lot of times and go seventy. He’s not that kind of speed, but for the first ten yards, he’ll get up on you as fast as possible. He’ll have 30 or 40 yards before you’ll ever know it.”

Reporter:”Do you get gassed on those big runs?”

Said Ratliff:”A lot of times at the end I’m out of gas, but I have a lot of adrenaline rushing. But afterwards, totally.” (chuckles)

Coach Duff says Ratliff has football strength.

Said Duff:”In football, it’s great to have your bench presses and all that, but your main thing is your power cleaning and squats. If you’ve got good leg strength and your powerful, you’re going to be a good football player.”

And it seems Ratliff gets stronger the closer he gets to the goal line.

Said Ratliff:”All I think is six. I see the end zone, and I’m like smiling.” (Chuckles)

Said Duff:”And he loves playing football. He just loves football.”

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