Hixson Couple’s Special Reason for Attending Service

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF-TV) – They did more than pay lip service to their grief and respect.
We introduce you to a Hixson couple who had a very special reason for making their trip to National Cemetery.

It was a cross section of Chattanooga…big and small…young and old who stood in a hot summer afternoon to pay respects to Staff Sergeant Wyatt. They had no idea how long it would be before the hearse arrived in a long procession from Hixson. But they were prepared to wait.
In the crowd was Irene and Dan Bailey.
Here’s why they were here.

IRENE BAILEY, NEIGHBOR OF THE SHOOTER "You know there are several reasons…we’re very patriotic…we would have been here anyway. But we live 10 doors from the shooter. And this is going to be our way of showing that our neighborhood..as well as Chattanooga is really behind these families." t

Her husband Dan Bailey says Muhammad Abdulazeez was just one of the kids in the neighborhood..

DAN BAILEY, HIXSON " I didn’t know him personally….just like any teenager driving by your house…you wave and wave back…."

But,both watched as the drama unfolded on July 16th.

IRENE BAILEY "With all the chaos in the neighborhood ..All of a sudden there was a bomb squad..a swat team and squad cars.. ad infinitem…it was just crazy."

Irene and Dan say they didn’t know these days if they would have even recognized the homegrown terrorist who killed 5 U.S.service members.

But like hundreds of others on this July afternoon–they knew it was an important moment in their lives to be there for a fallen warrior.

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