Hixson Great Dane may be the Oldest to Ever Live

A Hixson dog, Stella may be the oldest Great Dane in the country, maybe even the world after turning thirteen years old last week! Stella celebrated with her favorite activity, napping, as well as clump of whip cream. Owners, Jeffrey and Becky Holst adopted Stella in April of 2008, when she was just 8 weeks old.

“She liked to run a lot when she was younger, she used to run laps in the backyard, but the last couple of years, she doesn’t really like to run. She still likes to go for a walk like every day, she loves to get outside…. She’s unlike other teenagers but not that unlike them right, she likes to sleep a lot, so if we don’t get her up, she just stays in bed. That’s pretty much her daily routine. She will get up if she has to go to the bathroom or she wants some food but, that’s a couple of times a day,” says Jeffrey Holst.

Stella’s diet consists of high-quality, high-protein, low carb dog food and no table scraps.

Something the Holsts say has helped Stella live a long, healthy life.

“Keeping her at a healthy weight, also Danes have a tenancy to have their stomach flip, so when she was a puppy and she was spade, we actually had her stomach tacked to the side of abdomen so that it wouldn’t flip, so that prevents bloat. That is one of the things that often gets them in their old age,” continues Jeffrey.

Great Danes, are the tallest dogs in the world but in spite of their size, they are highly social and often called “gentle giants.”

Their size, however, comes with a significant downside: they have an average life expectancy of only 7 to 10 years.

“When she was ten, around Christmas time, so she was almost eleven, my wife was like ‘Oh, this is her last Christmas’ and all sad and everything. I was like I don’t know maybe there will be one more. And, that’s two Christmas’s ago now.”

The Holsts said the pandemic has benefited Stella to where she always has someone there to care for her in her old age. Happy birthday to the Great, Great Dane Stella!


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