Hixson Man on Edge After Break-In

HIXSON, TN (WDEF) – Jason Wright, a Hixson resident, says, "I’m literally scared all the time. Every little creak and noise."

There’s a good reason why Wright scans the room every time he hears a noise.

Wright adds, "I was like oh [expletive], someone’s trying break in call the police."

Just a couple of days ago, Wright, who’s temporarily disabled due to a motorcycle wreck, heard a noise at the front door.

Wright adds, "At first I heard a faint knocking, which I have a hearing aid, so a faint knocking might have been them hitting hard on the door."

Sitting in his wheelchair with a baseball bat in hand, Wright heard someone bust his friend’s door down, but they must of have seen or heard him because they then took off.

Wright adds, "You don’t kick a door off the hinges to not come in and take something."

Neighbors say they saw three or four possible suspects get into a silver or gold minivan and drive off.

Police were called, but according to Jason, they said this was just vandalism, not an attempted burglary.

We contacted authorities as well, and they confirmed that they’re looking into this case.

Wright adds, "It’s sad when I’d rather hope they come back and I can beat the hell out of them, than call the police if they come back because I feel like the police didn’t do everything they could to the best of their ability at that situation."

Jason says a crowbar was found near the house, but officers never came to pick it up.

Wright adds, "Dispatch said we’ll send an officer out. Well, they never came back."

Now, Jason is left nervous and sleepless, as the suspect or suspects remain on the loose in the Hixson area.

Wright says since the break-in, he has written down all the serial numbers on his electronics.

He’s also requesting more patrols in the area.

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