Hixson package theft suspect identified

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police are investigating another package theft case, but this time they were able to identify a suspect.

Tiffany Inman’s home is equipped with different security cameras. In addition to her doorbell, she has a flood light cam above her garage.

After having the doorbell for a couple of years, it came in handy on Thursday. She was notified on her phone about activity on her porch. It captured video of a woman getting out of a car and stealing a package.

“We were able to take the video images and share those through social media and through the ring camera app, so that we could figure out who did this,” Inman said.

She says the package contained mountain bike lights, worth around $100. Inman was able to get a replacement sent to her at no extra cost. She is thankful video captured what happened.

“We wanted to bring light to this because this is a popular time of year when people order online now probably more than ever and it gives you a way to put eyes on your house, when you are not home. We have been very happy with it,” Inman said.

Chattanooga Police say they were able to identify the suspect. A warrant for theft was issued for Tiffany Bozza.

“The images and the video were reshared over probably 800 or 900 times through social media and through the Ring app. And so someone recognized the person and they were able to notify police and we were able to get a little justice for us,” Inman said.

During this holiday season, Inman recommends people invest in a security camera.

“We got it because we wanted to have eyes on our house when we couldn’t be here and I think this was a great example of a time when it really came in handy,” she said.

If you know where Bozza is, you are asked to contact Chattanooga Police.

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