The hole in I 24 that crews spent the night repairing

10:30 AM Update: The repair has been completed on the I-24 E bridge over Chestnut St. and all lanes are now open to traffic.


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – All highway construction was suspended over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, almost all.

Crews had to make emergency repairs to a troublesome bridge on I 24 in downtown Chattanooga.

A new hole formed Sunday on the bridge over Chestnut Street.

It was bad enough that you could see through the hole from below.

Crews had to remove loose concrete from the fissure, put in a temporary form and pour rapid set concrete to fill the gap.

They will keep the lane closed as long as possible today to let the concrete cure.

The rush is to re-open the lane before the return home rush from the holiday later this afternoon.

The bridge has given TDOT problems before and is scheduled for a new deck later this year.

from TDOT

from TDOT

from TDOT

from TDOT

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