Holiday Traffic: Tips to Avoiding it and Staying Crash Free

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Tennessee Highway Patrol is cracking down on highway safety this Thanksgiving to guarantee a crash free weekend. For the next few days, travelers can expect to see a State Trooper every 20 miles on every Interstate in Tennessee.

"We will be monitoring the traffic, the heavy volume of traffic, throughout the state of Tennessee, and drivers need to be aware of their following distance, with this heavy volume of traffic," said Lt. John Harmon with the highway patrol.

Other traffic safety tips include avoiding distractions, like texting or loud music, because when you’re driving in heavy traffic or slick winter road conditions, the best thing you can do is pay attention to avoid any unwanted accidents. 

Also, downloading traffic apps like "Beat the Traffic" can help you avoid hours of sitting in your car, by showing you alternate routes. "It’s all about the interest of safety," said Lt. Harmon.

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