Holiday Venues Continue to Thrive

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Attractions in Chattanooga are still flourishing despite dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

 In past years, “Ice on the Landing” had over 140 people skating.

Fast forward to 2020, that number is cut in half.

“Even with Covid being a part of everyones lives now the ice rink has been very well received this season thankfully.”

Despite cutting their capacity in half, people are still excited to slide on ice.

“It’s a beautiful day and there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be having fun” said one mom enjoying the ice with her family. “Especially during Christmas time enjoing the ice and the beauty.”

The Moxy Hotel is known for more than just being a place to stay overnight. The venue serves as a bar, lounge, and gaming space, hosting events throughout the year. General Manager Dwayne Massengale said covid is not going to stop their fun.

“For the holidays we’ve seen an increase on weekend travel, even Thanksgiving” said Massengale.

“Chattanooga is always a great place to just hang out and walk around” said one patron at “Moxy”. “It’s a great city just to enjoy not only scenery but the drinks and restaurants. A lot of small businesses that you can dive into that you don’t see everywhere.”

Massengale said he’s noticed a decline in business travelers but he still believes the city of Chattanooga is the ideal weekend get away destination.

“I think Chattanooga is just the place to come and get away for people who are wanting to get out” said Massengale.

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