Holocaust Survivor speaks to thousands in Chattanooga Sunday night

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A holocaust survivor spoke to thousands in Chattanooga tonight.

Eva Schloss says it felt like the largest crowd she’s ever spoken to.

Organizers say they believe about 2,000 tickets were sold.

She is the step sister to Anne Frank and spoke with the crowd about who Anne Frank was to her.

She spoke about how her family separated in hopes of fleeing the Nazis.

Schloss says, “when father explained that if we were in two different places the chance that two of us will survive is bigger. Survive. So that was when we were certain, I realized that it might be a matter of life or death.”

She will spread her message of remembrance, peace and hope with the students of Hamilton County on Tuesday.

If she thought tonight was a large crowd, wait until she see the nearly 4,000 students who are set to fill the room then thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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