Home invaders flee from gun wielding home occupant; event captured on video

HIXSON, Tennessee(WDEF) – Chattanooga Police are investigating an early morning home invasion in the 3800 block of Fairfax Drive.

Four male suspects were captured on surveillance video. One of the suspects was armed with a crowbar and another suspect was armed with mace. But none of them expected to be confronted with a gun.

Andrew Buckland and his wife told News 12 that around 3 A.M., they were awaken by the sound of a loud bang. That bang came from a back door that was kicked in by home invaders.

"They just demanded money. They said give me all your money or I’ll hit you with this crowbar," Buckland said.

Buckland said one of the suspects sprayed him with mace.

"I got down on the floor and protected my head and all. That’s when I grabbed my gun," Buckland said.

While he was on the floor. Buckland secretly unlocked the safety on his handgun. At the same time, Buckland’s wife created a distraction by telling the men she would give them money.

"I cocked my gun and I raised it, but then they sprayed me with mace again so I was blinded. I couldn’t see. Cocking my gun and raising it up scared them enough to run out. When I did that, my wife said shoot them," Buckland stated.

Surveillance video captured the men running out with Buckland right behind them. He didn’t shoot because the men were retreating which meant they were no longer a threat.

The same men reportedly tried to break into his home on Sunday but were unsuccessful. That failed burglary attempt prompted Buckland and his wife to purchase and installed security cameras.

After talking to several of his neighbors, Buckland thinks the same men who invaded his home might also be responsible for a string of other crimes in the neighborhood.

"There has been several instances in which cars have been tampered with on the back side of this road. I guess they got tired with that side of the neighborhood and came through my neighbors yard and into my yard. Now they’re working their way through this part of the neighborhood. I guess I was just the first victim," Buckland said.

Video clips from the surveillance camera are posted to this web page. If anyone recognizes the suspects or have information about what happened, They’re advised to immediately contact Chattanooga Police.

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