Homes in Ooltewah see flooding

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) — Recent rain caused homes to flood in Ooltewah.

It happened to houses along Hunter Road. Vehicles left in driveways were also damaged.

Residents say the flooding started on Friday, but got worse on Saturday. They say they don’t have flood insurance because they don’t live in a floodplain.

Some homeowners feel they are not getting the help they need.

“We’ve lost a lot of stuff, my neighbors have lost their homes, vehicles, tools, garage, his is about flooded. He has lost a lot of material stuff, that can be replaced, but as far as getting relief from anybody, there is not any,” Danny Burnette said.

Nearby roads were closed off, but some drivers ignored the signs and drove through anyways. Emergency personnel say you should never do that.

In response to flooding across the state, TEMA activated the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan and put a State of Emergency in place.

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