Hometown Tours Georgia: Chickamauga Battlefield

FORT OGELTHORPE, Georgia (WDEF) – One hundred and 55 years ago, the battle for Chattanooga began in Chickamauga.

This was the second deadliest battles fought during the civil war.

Now, the Chickamauga Battlefield has preserved the land that was fought on by 120,000 soilders.

Chickamauga National Military Park now has 2 visitor centers, stretches over 9,000 acres and is the largest military park in the United States.

Interpretive Park Ranger Christopher Young says, “Visitors are welcome to come. There is no charge. They’ll drive their own cars, they’ll follow a park ranger to different stops on the battlefield and kind of get to learn history first hand from a park ranger.”

If you come to the Chickamauga Battlefield during a time where a park ranger is not available, you can always download the app and take the park ranger audio tour.

The Chickamauga Battlefield has almost a million visitors each year.

People come from all of the world to hike, bike or enjoy a self-guided tour.

Park Rangers say that visitors to be able to feel the emotion and take away a very important point.

Young also says, “I’ts just like that as a nation. Things in our past, good and bad have affected who we are and who we have become and who we should become and so I think that places like this, even though they are not places of beauty, they should be places of realization.”

The plaques that you see in the park were placed by veterans to represent a significant part of the battle.

The Chickamauga Battlefield holds a large part of Chattanooga’s history.

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