Hometown Tours North Georgia: Georgia Winery

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – In 1982, Dr. Maurice Rawlings purchased land in hopes to start a farm.

He quickly realized that the only thing that could grow on his land was grapes.

So in 1983, the Georgia winery opened its doors as Georgia’s first farm winery.

Today, the Georgia Winery sells 24,000 cases annually and business grows each year.

Kayela Wintjen of the Georgia Winery says that, “We specialize in sweet Southern wines. Most of our wines are muscadine varieties but we have a little bit of everything and most of them are going to be sweet. So we have a lot of like really good muscadine wines that we are really known for. Our number one seller is Concord so it tastes like a Welch’s grape juice so a lot of people that if you are not familiar with wines or your maybe not a wine drinker, that one could convert you.”

The winery not only sells wine, they also have many local products from Georgia and Chattanooga.

People from all over the United States stop by the Georgia winery.

First time goer Maria has enjoyed every sip during her tasting.

First time Georgia winery visitor Maria Kruchten says, “It’s definitely different from like a California wine or a European or a wine like that. It’s a lot sweeter it has a lot bolder flavor to me than the wines that I have tried.”

The winery is open every day and on Saturday’s they offer an opportunity to take a close look at production while enjoying wine and cheese.

Georgia Winery has free wine tasting’s everyday.

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