Hooked On Science – Use The Air Around You To Crush Cans

PLEASE follow these safety precautions when doing any science experiment.
• ALWAYS have an adult present.
• ALWAYS wear the correct safety gear while doing any experiment.
• NEVER eat or drink anything while doing any experiment.
• REMEMBER experiments may require marbles, small balls, balloons, and other small parts. Those objects could become a CHOKING HAZARD. Adults are to perform those experiments using these objects. Any child can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children.

• Empty Soda Can
• Hot Plate
• Bowl
• Water
• Ice
• Tongs

STEP 1: Fill the bowl with ice and water.
STEP 2: Place one tablespoon of water into the empty soda can. Turn on the hot plate and place the soda can onto the hot plate.
STEP 3: Wait a few minutes for the water, in the can, to boil.
STEP 4: Using the tongs, grasp the sides of the soda can, quickly flip the soda can, and dip it immediately into the cold water. Make observations and explain how this process is similar to how sunlight, on Earth’s surface, creates weather.

When the soda can is turned upside down and submerged into the cold water, the air inside the soda can cools and condenses. This decreases the air pressure, on the inside of the soda can, causing the higher pressure, on the outside of the soda can, to crush the soda can.

Download these instructions here and check the Hooked on Science page for more science experiments.

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