Hooked On Science: Use a Hand Warmer To Make ‘Hot Ice’

You are not going to believe what you can do with a reusable hand warmer. Check out the instructions below to conduct your own science experiment.

PLEASE follow these safety precautions when doing any science experiment.
• ALWAYS have an adult present.
• ALWAYS wear the correct safety gear while doing any experiment.
• NEVER eat or drink anything while doing any experiment.
• REMEMBER experiments may require marbles, small balls, balloons, and other small parts. Those objects could become a CHOKING HAZARD. Adults are to perform those experiments using these objects. Any child can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children.

• Sodium Acetate Hand Warmer
• 2 Plastic Cup
• Vinegar
• Scissors

STEP 1: Turn the plastic cup upside down and sit it on a flat surface.
STEP 2: Fill the other cup half of the way with vinegar. Dip your fingers, scissors, and the sodium acetate hand warmer into the vinegar.
STEP 3: Using the scissors carefully cut open the sodium acetate hand warmer without activating the hand warmer.
STEP 4: Slowly pour the sodium acetate onto the bottom of the upside-down plastic cup and observe. Describe and classify the sodium acetate by its observable properties. Make observations to identify the sodium acetate based on its properties.

The hand warmer contains a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Once the sodium acetate hits the bottom of the upside-down plastic cup a chain reaction happens causing the solution to crystallize. This reaction is exothermic, which gives off heat.

Download these instructions here and check the Hooked on Science page for more science experiments.

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