Horrendous hit, gracious gift shock Hixson baseball player

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A horrific injury has become a unifying moment for the Boyd Buchanan and Hixson baseball teams. After being hit in the eye, Wildcat senior Corey Satterfield was equally shocked by the Bucs generosity.

“Yeah, it looks like a horror movie,” Satterfield said.

The hit was straight out of a horror movie Saturday when an errant pitch from Boyd’s Jacob Pickett slammed into Satterfield’s left eye.

“He threw a slider and in my head I thought it was a fastball. And as soon as it came, it broke in my head,” Satterfield said. “I tried to dodge it and it hit me right in the face. It got my orbital bone right there and my cheek bone.”

By a miracle, Satterfield doesn’t need surgery — but both bones around the eye are fractured.

“I feel extremely blessed and lucky after I got the news,” Satterfield said. “Just thinking as soon after that I could’ve lost my vision or something like that, not be able to play again. I just couldn’t do it.”

The Bucs didn’t just take the win and go home. Boyd’s team raised over 450 dollars for a care package for Satterfield.

“I called my assistant coach Mikey Hughes and was like, ‘Hey, we need to figure out something to do for this kid. What do you think if we just sort of grab some gift cards — all the parents bring in a gift card and stuff,'” Boyd coach Stephen Pryor said. “I put it into the parent group and they just started generously ‘Let’s do this.’ They started, ‘Hey, can I send cash or can I send gift cards?'”

“I did not expect it at all, 100 percent,” Satterfield said. “I was really shocked. I’m just beyond blessed with what they did and thankful for what they did. To know they cared about my safety, my well-being, there’s just no way to describe it. It’s unreal.”

“It warmed a lot of the parents’ hearts on our team. I know it warmed a lot of the parents’ hearts on Hixson’s team and the players,” Pryor said.

“We’re different schools but we’re one big baseball community, and just being able to get together on something like that and show some compassion for someone who got injured playing a sport we love is what it’s all about.”

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