House Speaker talks about where Tennessee is spending infrastructure funds

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – The Tennessee state government has formed a bi-partisan group to bridge the gap between federal government funding for local communities and what the state plans to do.

Speaker of the house Cameron Sexton told News 12’s Bill Mitchell today that their focus is on two main areas.

“The biggest gap we have is broadband. We put a lot of money in broadband to help locally. I know that down in southeast Tennessee, especially in Hamilton county, ya’ll have great broadband. We also put 1.3 billion dollars of it into water, sewer, waste water, storm water, waste, runoff to help the communities that need to build out in structure..replaced old infrastructure. That process should be through right now and be able to work with TDEC to start some grants to help them build or rebuild their infrastructure.”

The legislature entered into its current session on January 11th.

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