Housing Growth Downtown

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- If you’ve driven through Chattanooga lately, you’ve probably seen more than one busy construction site.

Many of those sites are new housing developments.

Economic development center, River City Company, said the Scenic City is booming with new businesses and housing projects.

“Really the most development, most dense development is happening right in the core of our city and city center”, said Director of Marketing and Communication Amy Donahue.

Despite recent businesses closings, like World of Beer, both restaurants and retailers are looking to move into those spaces.

“Places that do go out of business, those buildings get filled very quickly and retailers and restaurants that meet the demand of the market and are able to stay for long term.”

Donahue said tourists and locals alike are looking for businesses they can only find in Chattanooga.

“We are seeing that the trends are nationally that when people come to downtown and urban areas is that they want something they can only find in that area.”

The new 10-story project located at 728 Market Street, offers 125 apartment units for potential residents to live in.

Donahue said they hope the new tenants will add more foot traffic for businesses in the area.

“The whole first floor which is about 20,000 square feet dedicated to retail. Another 20,000 is dedicated to commercial space and that’s just one development. What we hope what happens in City Center that sort of connects everything. So you can walk all the way to the riverfront to Main Street and there’s retail and restaurants and people on the street. And people enjoying our city through the entire area.”

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