How Chattanooga Newsmakers Use Social Media

Chattanooga (WDEF) – We asked local people "How do you get your news?"

"Through social media."

"I still buy two newspapers every day"


It’s a fast paste digital world we live in… and social media is keeping you more informed than ever before.

Chattanooga Councilman Chris Anderson uses just about every platform out there.

You might even catch him tweeting during council meetings.

"I represent almost 20 thousand people. Most of them can’t get to a city council meeting, so I’m communicating to my constituents, here’s what’s happening right now in city council."

Sights that were once considered just trendy apps for teens, have now become the fastest way for the media and public figures to reach all audiences.

"What i try to do is connect with as many people as possible."

Mayor Andy Berke Stays active on Twitter. 

"Look at this this is my phone and most of my tweets come through here."

I even tested him to see who could tweet the fastest.

"ready set go… oh i messed up. ***Ah you beat me. I pushed tweet, you still working?’

The Chattanooga Police Department has recently become more visible on social media since Chief Fred Fletcher came into office last year.

"the citizens of Chattanooga deserve to have information as thoroughly and as timely as we can possibly and ethically give it to them.

And you might find Chattanooga Fire dept Public Information Officer Bruce Garner shooting live video with the newest periscope app.

"We had flash flooding and so i went live with periscope to explain and offer the safety tip to turn around and don’t drown."

The News media in turn takes some of their shared information to deliver news straight from the source, and all before the 6:00 news is there to sum up the day.

Perhaps the most exciting part about social media in the news…is that the public can interact more directly with the things they’re interested in.

"I definitely believe that has given the day to day guy the ability to connect quicker with news sources.

"we can get on periscope and offer periodic updates, people have questions and i can respond to the questions real time.

But that sense of urgency to break the news first has to be used with caution, especially on crime scenes when investigations and lives are at risk.

"when reporters want to press the case and go we gotta know now we gotta go now, and you go well we can’t tell you that because it’s under investigation"

"We embrace everybody’s first amendment rights and their right to be present in the communities, but we also respect the rights of the victims and the victim’s families."

And with twitter or periscoping power comes responsibility… to keep journalism instant..while still being accurate.

As social media continues to grow, so will the wealth of information that’s only a click away.

In Chattanooga Caitlyn Jones WDEF news 12

Here is how to find the people Caitlyn interviewed on Social Media.

Mayor Andy Berke on Facebook and on Twitter @AndyBerke

Chris Anderson on Facebook and on Twitter @ChrisMAnderson

Bruce Garner with the Chattanooga Fire Department on Facebook and on Twitter @ChattFireDept

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