How Did Four Men Escape Silverdale Detention Facility?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — According to a sworn affidavit, it was five thirty on Saturday morning when detectives were made aware that four men had escaped from Silverdale Detention Facility.

Investigators arrived at the scene to find an exterior door in Delta Pod with a manipulated lock.

Past that door was a fence, which still had bits of torn clothing in the razor wire.

There was blood on the wire and the grass beneath it.

On Friday night, Justin Conner and Trevor Hall attempted to kick open the rear door of Delta Pod. This failed, so they used a detached bunk bed as a battering ram.

Conner and Hall then stacked more bunk beds against the razor wire and climbed over.

Two more inmates, Johnny Bryant and Van Atkins, then carried the beds back into the facility and attempted to cover up the escape by removing torn clothing from the wire.

But three hours later, Bryant and Atkins decided they would make an escape of their own, carrying the beds back out to the fence and climbing over.

The beds were returned to the facility by a fifth inmate named Cyrus Easley.

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