How Strong Is The Opposition to Insure Tennessee?

     Lawmakers today got down to the business of considering the Governor’s Insure Tennessee legislation.
     The Governor called them to Nashville for a special session on his proposal to expand health coverage to low income Tennesseans.
     On Tuesday, Chattanoogan Gerald McCormick said he thinks the plan would easily pass a full floor vote in the House.
     But it could face "challenges" in committee’s before then.
     Rep. McCormick in the first committee meeting Tuesday morning.
     Also speaker Beth Harwell is talking about drawing up an alternative version if the governor’s proposal stalls.
     She says it’s not clear if it has the votes to pass it and she is not convinced herself, yet.
     Last night, the governor told lawmakers they can’t afford to do nothing.  
     "Now, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, I think everyone agrees that our current system of healthcare does not work."
     His plan would ask hospitals to invest 74-million dollars to qualify the state for almost three billion in federal funding.
     But Critics say Insure Tennessee will stick taxpayers with the bill long-term.
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