Howard Hustlin’ Tigers Defense Shows Plenty of Hustlin’

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV)If you’re going to beat Howard this season, you’re going to have to earn it. The Hustlin’ Tigers come at you non-stop with their attacking defense.
Howard racks up a ton of steals and turnovers, which in turn, has allowed them to rack up plenty of wins.

Howard has traditionally played pressure defense, but this year, it seems dialed up a notch.
Said guard Meechie Bowens:”I say we’ve got the best defense in the city.”
Talk about putting the Hustlin’ in Hustlin’ Tigers.
Said head coach James Talley:”Before we come out of the locker room, we say our chant that has been around for years. Tigers fight until they can’t fight no more. They know that once we step on the floor that’s the expectation.”
It’s fun to watch when Howard gets their defense rolling, unless of course, you’re the opponent.
Said guard Xavier Fisher:”Yeah when we’re full court man, we can sense that teams are scared. So that’s when we get aggressive, and we just play.”
Talley:”That pressure creates tempo for us to get out and play the style we want to play.”
Fisher:”Defense brings energy. When you see the guys on the bench, they’re clapping. We’re yelling defense. We know that brings the intensity. That gets everybody going. We play defense.. We get the fast breaks. We get them turning the ball over, and we get on fast breaks. You’ll see dunks form like Kerrick, Cobi, and etc.”
And whatever you do, don’t pick up your dribble against that Howard defense.
Said Bowens:”As soon as somebody does that, it’s a dead ball, so we’re all over you. You ain’t going to pass it really.”
It also doesn’t hurt your defense when you have a 6’6 forward like Kerrick Thorne.
Said Talley:”Kerrick is the anchor of the defense. We get away with so much because we know that we have him in the bottom down there underneath the basket to erase a lot of mistakes that we make.”
Reporter:”Do y’all even practice offense?
Chuckles Talley:”Yes we do. We practice offense. We probably practice offense more than anything. But we do know that defense is our staple.”

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