Recreating the Howard Sit-Ins

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students from the Howard school are learning lessons about the Civil Rights era.

They just took part in a recreation of the lunch counter sit-ins from 1960.

Students brought stools into a parking area where the original protests took place on Market Street.

Ricardo Morris is the Theatre Arts Instructor at the Howard School.

“We have current Howard high school students commemorating that event. And the anniversary of the 60 years that it actually happened. So they are here, they have memorized some of the speeches of those students during that time and they are seeing those now.”

Jamaal Macon, Junior took part in the recreation.

He’s a Sophomore at Howard.

“I participated in this because when I found out about it I was shocked. Because no one ever talks about this. And they talk about what happened in Mississippi, Birmingham stuff like that. But they never talked about how it happened down here.”

Organizers of the event say the students are learning lessons about the past, in a way they won’t soon forget.

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