Hundreds attend community input session on Area 3 Plan

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Hundreds attend a community input session on Area 3 Plan Saturday.

The City of Chattanooga and the Regional Planning Agency invited several neighborhoods that make up Area 3 to a planning session.

This was held at the Carver Youth and Family Development Center.

The City and RPA say they are dedicated to working with residents and businesses in the area to “craft a vision for the area’s future, identify goals of the community and develop recommendations to guide changes in the area based on community input.”

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke says, “While we do our part and we work on zoning, and work on transportation and infrastructure and everything else, people have to be out there making it happen and the power, I’ll say it again, the power in our community is at each one of these tables. It’s not elected officials it’s not about the people who are sitting in the offices it’s people here”

This Area 3 Plan covers a portion of Chattanooga bordered by between the South Chickamauga Creek, Missionary Ridge, I-24, and the Tennessee River Downtown and Missionary Ridge. It includes the neighborhoods of Avondale, Battery Heights, Boyce Station, Bushtown, Churchville, Ferger Place, Gaylan Heights, Glass Farms, Glenwood, Highland Park, Missionary Ridge, Oak Grove, Orchard Knob, Ridgedale, Riverside, Waterhaven, and Wheeler Avenue, and encompasses portions of City Council districts 5, 8, and 9.

“When planning for a community’s future it’s vital that we have input from its members,” said John Bridger, RPA executive director. “While this plan will update and build upon previous plans for this area, these plans are driven by community feedback and we are excited to work with Chattanoogans throughout this process.”

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