Hundreds pray together at vigil held Wednesday at Engel Stadium

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Hundreds gathered for a prayer vigil in Chattanooga Wednesday.

Charles Moore from Olivet Baptist Church says, “Well the bible …. says that we are all one blood, we’re one nation we have to start somewhere.”

That somewhere started at the Engel Stadium in Chattanooga at 8:00 Wednesday night. Spiritual leaders and community members took the mic to lead the group in prayer and song.

Tavner Smith, Pastor at Venue Church says the change that they are praying for starts from within every individual.

Smith says, “I think it’s moments like these where people who maybe still struggling with some bitterness and anger and have every right to be, can see maybe things are really changing and can open up and say alright if they can forgive and they can do it then we call can. I think when we all do a little something it creates something enormous and eventually something unstoppable. ”

City officials joined in the prayer vigil. Many who I spoke with say they are amongst the group that they are praying for. Others had very similar answers to the question: What are you praying for tonight?

” My classmates. The City. Unity. Unity Unity. Breakthough. Community. Deliverance. Unconditional Love. Unity. Unity. Unity. Peace. Unity. Unity Unity. Peace Breakthrough. The City”

Smith says he’s praying for “some reconciliation you know just the years of everything that has stained our past. I feel like God can really wash that away.”



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