Hundreds of Volunteers Give Their Monday to A Day of Service

Hundreds of Chattanooga area residents turned out to put their words and beliefs into action—- on Martin Luther King Day.
Led by organizations like the Salvation Army, Southern Adventist University and the city of Chattanooga, a lot of things got done today.
News 12’s Bill Mitchell tells us more about the annual Day of Service.

DORA DESAMOUR, SAU, DIR. CHRISTIAN SERVICE “We’ve been doing this for the past 24 years, where we have actually today a record breaking number of over a thousand students have gone out today in various locations—we’re serving in approximately 32 locations within the Chattanooga, greater Chattanooga area.” .

There were 140 Southern Adventist University students at the Salvation army headquarters on McCallie.
They were finding new owners to clothing they collected in major drives last year.

KARISSA GOODMAN, SAU STUDENT  “We get a great response. Like they love these clothes–we love meeting them, that’s what its all about–human relationship–getting to bond with these people. We have a concert going on inside…and its just amazing and ..Its, our ministry.”

DOUGLAS SUTTON,CHATTANOOGA  “I think its wonderful to have this type of event. You know, for kids to come know and enjoy and get what they need…you know, it’s the time you know..Martin Luther Kings birthday. Its time to do…just be yourself..mostly, you know, just enjoy what’s here.”

LT. KEN GRIFFEY, THE SALVATION ARMY  “Well, you know clothing is pretty expensive these days and if you can’t afford it, uh, I think its very, very, helpful. We’re got a really good crowd that came out. So, you can see the need.”

Volunteers who signed up through the city of Chattanooga were out today landscaping, clearing debris, painting—things that might not have been done otherwise.

SARA SCOTT, VOLUNTEER  “We’re a group of individuals. We all signed-up individually on the city website to volunteer for Martin Luther Ling day of service. Uh, so we’ve been here filling the uh, uh filling the petting zoo area with gravel this morning.”

JA’KEENA DILLARD, VOLUNTEER “His life was really about service, and so what better way to you know commemorate Martin Luther Kind day than come out and volunteer.”

SARA SCOTT  “We’re really into Martin Luther King’s message of equality…so this is right up our alley.”

Monday’s event was co-sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield, SunTrust, and The United Way Volunteer Center.

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