Huntsville Alligator siting

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WDEF) – We have our black bears, Huntsville apparently has gators.

On Friday, the Huntsville Police Department posted a traffic warning about an alligators sitting on the southern side of town.

“Florida Man” seen entering into Huntsville, heard it was the best place to live in the country!”

It was a reference to the city being named the most livable in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

This siting happened Friday night along Haysland Road, which is a nature preserve.

It’s the first siting this year, but the city was “swamped” with gator encounters last year.

The city’s alligator zone would be areas near the Tennessee River and wetlands nearby.

Animal Services officials say that gators have been in the area a long time, but construction is pushing them more into the open now.


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