Huntsville gets clearance for landing spacecraft

The Sierra Space Dream Chaser will resupply the Space Station

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WDEF) – We might sometime soon see a spacecraft gliding over northeast Alabama and come in for a landing.

The FAA is paving the way by issuing a license for space landings at the Huntsville International Airport.

It’s not as far fetched as you might think.

The spacecraft is the Sierra Space Dream Chaser.

It is a re-usable vessel that NASA hopes to use for resupplying the International Space Station.

Sierra Space is a private company building low-orbit craft to make space missions affordable.

They hope to launch the world’s fire commercial “spaceplane” be early next year.

The company says it plans to land the Dream Chaser in Huntsville at least once.

Huntsville has been pitching to be the first airport to land a commercial space vehicle.

But why Huntsville (other than the obvious NASA connection)?

The Dream Chaser will be launched into orbit by a United Launch Alliance rocket built in nearby Decatur.

Huntsville officials say they are the 14th FAA- licensed spaceport, but the airport will be the only one cleared for commercial landings.

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